Thank you for visiting Bake to Nature! 

My name is Brittany and the seeds of Bake to Nature were planted in 2008 when I discovered I had various food allergies. During High School and university I had consistent tummy problems which I just assumed were normal and I just learned to live with. Finally when my health started causing me more problems, including affecting my breathing, I went through a multitude of testing including allergy testing. Results showed that I was allergic to several grains: wheat, barley, oats and corn, plus several other specific foods. I have always had a passion and love of the kitchen especially when it comes to baking, so when I found out about my allergies I started experimenting with recipes to make them work for me.

Growing up I had a very health conscious mom as well as my dad and stepmom that owned a gym. In addition to my passion for being in the kitchen, my passion and love of fitness and health went hand in hand. I wanted to make treats that were delicious and tasty but that had nutritional benefits. In 2011 when I was introduced to CrossFit (which on a side note is the most amazing positive environment that you can workout in and it pushes you passed your limits and shows you that you can accomplish anything you want to!) I was introduced to the Paleo lifestyle. Again this inspired me to start playing and altering recipes to make treats and eats that were also Paleo friendly. This led me to create what is now Bake to Nature…Baking using all natural ingredients, unrefined sugars, organic when possible, gluten free and Paleo.

My mission is to create Healthy Tasty Treats and Eats, so everyone including those with allergies or other disorders can enjoy nutritious goodies and snacks while feeling good about it, literally.

My goal is to one day open my own healthy Bakery but for now enjoy the Treats and Eats available by order from Bake to Nature!