Wednesday 12 November 2014

A new Sugar

Sugar Substitute?

I have recently been experimenting using a different sugar or what is sometimes called a sugar substitute. The name of this sugar is, Xylitol. Although some do consider it a substitute it still is a sugar, just a sugar alcohol. Xylitol unlike normal sugar is absorbed into the body slower which reduces a spike in glucose levels and that “sugar crash” we all try to avoid. It is also lower in calories and has numerous other health benefits such as reducing tooth decay, and I don’t think we can say that for normal sugar.

Xylitol is derived from birch bark and is commonly used in a variety of products you may already use. With all the positive benefits consumers do need to be cautious as this sugar alcohol does not always agree with everyone so best to start using it in small doses, or if your baking with it start with one cookie at a time and not 10.

From a baking perspective this is a great alternative for a sweetener. I decided to give it a whirl and used Xylitol in my pumpkin fudgy flax bars and they turned out great! Xylitol and sugar have a 1-1 ratio so there is no stress trying to figure out how much to use in a recipe, you just sub it in instead of the sugar. Good luck experimenting, send me an email or post on Facebook I would love to hear how you are make out.