Thursday 27 November 2014

Farm Fresh and Grocery Store Fresh

 Which one would you choose? 

We all know there is a huge difference between farm fresh and grocery store fresh, but the other day really put this into perspective. I was whipping up a batch of some kind of goodie and the recipe called for 4 eggs. I always get my eggs from a local farmer who likes to refer to me as “Blondie,” but when I went to grab my eggs from the fridge I only had 2 left.  Mini crisis! Since it was too late to go to the farm, I zipped to the grocery store and grabbed a dozen. I then cracked them into the bowl and couldn't believe the difference! Just take a look…

The two at the front are the farm fresh eggs and the two at the back are from the grocery store. Note how yellow and rich the eggs from the farmer are and the ones from the grocery store are a faded yellow/white (and trust me this picture does not capture very well the extreme difference). Did you know grocery store eggs can be up to 30 + days old, and that’s before you buy them and then they sit in your fridge for another couple weeks. I am not saying the eggs are bad I am just saying fresh is always better and this was the first time it was BAM right in my face.  When you can, keep it fresh guys and buy local, you will get better quality and more nutrients.

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