Thursday 15 January 2015

Staying Happy

Enjoying your Commute

This post is for any of you that have a long commute. I have a lengthy commute that takes me about an hour to get into work and on a bad winter day up to an hour and a half. As I am sure most of you know, listening to the radio can get so boring and monotonous on these long drives. I have found the best remedy for this is podcasts!!!! They basically save me and keep me sane during my commute. Not only am I learning about new things but I am choosing exactly the things I want to learn about. There is everything from sports, comedy, nutrition and exercise to you name it. With that being said my favourite podcast is, Bulletproof Radio

If you have never listened or heard of it go check it out in ITunes, it is my go to and I am never disappointed. Not only that but they have an amazing recipe for Bulletproof coffee helping to support that high fat low carb diet and I have noticed big improvements in how I look and how I feel.  

I was also playing around some more in the kitchen this week and found another way to substitute for eggs. It’s a combination of baking soda and vinegar to replace the eggs and here is how they turned out… 

(also another way to replace eggs is to use psyllium husks but I have yet to experiment with this, stay tuned). 

P.S. For all of you that have been going through Nutball withdrawal, the Collingwood Community Food Co-op will be stalked back up this Monday! Have an awesome weekend guys.