Tuesday 3 November 2015

Eggless Breaky

Breakfast with no Eggs

It can be very challenging getting going in the morning when you either can’t have eggs or are just trying to cut back on them. I have been trying to avoid eggs for quite some time now because they don’t seem to like me much, but I still find it a struggle some mornings. I typically will have left over dinner for breakfast but there are some mornings at 5 am that you just don’t want left over steak and broccoli! So I got my thinking cap on and thought of what could replace a typical egg breakfast and came up with a tasty yogurt cereal. The best part is its dairy free and Paleo friendly!!! I am excited to try it tomorrow morning…

Container  1- Full fat coconut milk that has been placed in the fridge for a couple hours (1/2 cup)

Container 2- Homemade granola (nuts, seeds etc.)

Container 3- Tablespoon or so of fresh       blueberries

So for you egg free people give this one a whirl. It’s something a bit lighter then steak and broccoli yet satisfying with some good healthy fats, protein and minimal carbs as long as you measure your granola out. (p.s. this would also work for you Mozomo peeps doing the 21 day challenge!)