Sunday 1 March 2015

Making Ghee what a Treat!

Family Fun
 I had my mom and sister here for a visit this weekend and my mom was able to show me how to make Ghee properly.  I have attempted making Ghee in the past but I overcooked it which left my house smelling like burnt popcorn. The colour was also totally off looking, a brown/gold which is not what you’re going for.

But this weekend with my mom’s help, we had success! She did the first pound of butter showing me what to do, and I did the second and we got beautiful yellow yummy smelling ghee!  I did learn that if you decide you want to try and make your own, you do need to be extremely patient. You need to commit yourself to the kitchen, watching and skimming the butter until it’s ready. I didn't keep my eye on the clock but I would say to give yourself at least one hour. The benefit of making ghee at home is you can save yourself quite a few pennies. Ghee can be pretty expensive to buy but if you make it yourself it is basically just the cost of the butter. The other benefit is that you get to pick the organic brand or company that you support and then you know exactly what kind of butter the ghee is being made from. Now that I know what to do, I will definitely be making my own ghee as much as possible!

  My sister also wanted me to make the bar from last week’s post using a different nut butter rather than peanut butter. So we gave that a whirl too, and holy delicious. I even added in a little honey in with the cocoa base this time and they were great. These are definitely one of my new guilt free treats to keep in the house.