Monday 6 July 2015

Expanding our market!!!!

Protein Balls

Today was a use whatever you’ve got in the house day. I made a batch of a new tasty protein ball. I was looking for something different so I decided to use some almond extract and it totally transformed these little bites!

If you are looking for something new or want to jazz up an old recipe I suggest throwing in some almond extract it changes everything!

These guys are a mixture of some almond butter, a splash of maple syrup, some flax seed, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, almond flour, sunflower seeds, almond extract, vanilla and some chocolate chips. I would definitely recommend making a version of these and instead of chocolate chips add in some goji berries or even cranberries cut up. If you want even higher protein you could easily throw a scoop of your favourite protein powder in as well.

Also, Bake to Nature is expanding to more locations!!! Bake to Nature Nutballs will be available starting July 9th at  Curries Farm Market in Collingwood, so slide over and grab your goodies and your fresh veggies!

Happy Hot Weather!!!!