Thursday 6 August 2015

Maple Syrup Drizzled Macaroons!

Easy Peasy

I whipped up some muffins earlier today since our stock of healthy snacks had completely diminished but then tonight, needed something more for a dessert. So I played around and came up with Maple Syrup drizzled Macaroons! They are as easy as 1-2-3. 

Melt some coconut oil and coconut milk together on the stove, you could also use cacao butter subbed in for the coconut oil. I used about ½ cup of each. Then add in some cocoa powder to your liking, a splash or two of vanilla and some honey/maple syrup/ or like I did tonight some xylitol. Bring mix to a boil and then remove from heat. Then you can add in whatever you like. I used some unsweetened coconut, sliced almonds and some chia seeds. Then I plopped them out on a baking sheet and drizzled some maple syrup over top for a little extra sweet, cool and enjoy!!!! 

Happy almost Friday ALL!!!!